Methods: NIH/3T3 cell line

Samples: PC12 cells

Species: Rattus norvegicus

Cell Line Origin: Pheochromocytoma of the rat adrenal medulla

Techniques: RNA-seq

Data processing for CellPalmSeq: The reference transcriptome was acquired from The RNAseq reads were downloaded from the Gene Expression Omnibus ( For each sample, RNAseq expression values (TPM) at the gene level were obtained using kallisto (Bray et al., 2016) with the appropriate reference transcriptome by summing the TPM values of individual isoforms.

Heatmap units: Transcripts per million (TPM)

GEOSample IDsTreatmentCell_sourcePMIDYear
Dataset 1: GSE102946GSM2750963; GSM2750964; GSM2750965DMSO for 6hSigma-Aldrich, St. Louis, MO, USA295394202017
Dataset 2: GSE126089GSM3591425; GSM3591426; GSM359142724h transfection with a control plasmidATCC (CRL-1721); CVCL_0481309228762019
Dataset 3: GSE196153GSM5861318; GSM5861319; GSM5861320NoneProcell Life Sciences, China357952372022